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About My Podcasts

Welcome to the Get Radical Faith with Beatty Carmichael podcast channel!  As those who know me, I am a passionate Christian. I love the Lord and I love to grow deeper in his word and attempt to apply his truths in my life. This podcast channel is a platform to share some of the things I have learned about living a life of faith.

I call it “Radical Faith” because most people put God in a “box”, so to speak, in terms of how far they are willing to trust the Lord.  But I believe Jesus modeled for us how we should live … and what He considered “normal” (things like healing the sick, raising the dead, calming a storm, casting out demons, etc) we consider “radical.”  So if we are going to follow Jesus’s example it requires a “radical” faith to do it.

If you desire to grow deeper in your walk and relationship with the Lord Jesus, I encourage you to check out this section (or subscribe to my podcast directly) and keep coming back as it is updated.  I hope you enjoy it.

Is salvation by Man’s free will or by God’s sovereign choice? Part 6 Predestination (P031)


Transcription (was completed by automated process.  Please ignore any speech-to-text errors) [00:00:00.30] Hey, this is Beatty Carmichael, and [...]

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