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Spiritual Warfare – The Freedom Prayer

If you suffer with chronic pain, mental anguish, feel as if your life is “dark” or you are carrying around a heavy backpack all the time — or you just have constant life challenges such as broken relationships, “can’t do anything right,” and more — this Freedom Prayer can help you get free.

As we go through life we commit sins. When we sin and do not repent of them, God allows evil spirits to bring physical and mental “torment” to our lives, with the goal of bringing us to repentance. Once we repent, the torments stop.

The Freedom Prayer walks you through simple steps to be set free. We recommend watching the training video to best understand the process and maximize your results.

Download The Freedom Payer (pdf)

Freedom Prayer
… a step-by-step guide on getting set free from spiritual torments

© 2023 By Beatty Carmichael.  Duplication is allowed and encouraged as long as this full copyright statement and description is included. For additional copies of this Freedom Prayer, or training on using it, visit Get additional Biblical teaching on our Podcast (Get Radical Faith) or our website (


Overview of Spiritual Warfare and this guide

When you sin, God allows evil spirits to attack you until you repent of that sin. Unrepented sins create “legal rights” that give these spirits a “legal right” to attack you. These attacks are usually in the form of torments such as sickness, mental anguish, pain, a feeling of “darkness” in your life, and a sense of “heaviness” – as if you are carrying around a heavy backpack every day.  Other types of torments could be destroyed relationships and other constant life challenges. God allows these attacks because he loves you and wants you to repent of your sins. That’s actually their purpose – to bring about repentance.

These torments often begin soon after the sin was committed, but sometimes they may not appear until years later. Once a torment begins, it typically lasts the rest of your life until you repent. Once you repent of the sin that gave the spirit a right to attack, its legal right is removed and the torment will stop.

In addition to unrepented sin, when you commit a sin with another person it can also create another type of legal right known as an ungodly soul tie.

Ungodly Soul Tie An ungodly soul tie is a spiritual connection between you and another person. This connection is a doorway that allows a tormenting spirit from one person to “jump” to you and torment you. Ungodly soul ties are formed when sin is committed between you and another person. The sin does not have to be consensual.  Common examples of sins that create ungodly soul ties are sex outside of marriage, doing drugs, occultic activity, abuse (someone abuses you or you abuse someone else), etc. Ungodly soul ties remain open doors until you break them, even if the other person has died, and even if you have repented of the original sin that created it.  To break an ungodly soul tie, simply state “I denounce and break all ungodly soul ties with ______.”

Another form of legal right is a curse. Curses are real, and the most common types are in the form of an oath taken as part of a society or group – typically as a “secret” oath. When someone takes these oaths, they may unwittingly be speaking a curse over them and their family for generations to come. A most common type of these in the western world is Freemasonry.

FreemasonryFreemasonry is full of secret oaths most members don’t understand. These oaths are, unknowingly, witchcraft curses. The only way to remove a Freemasonry curse is to renounce it specifically – simply repenting of your sin will not remove it. And because Freemasonry has been so prevalent for generations in the western world we recommend everyone pray through the Freemasonry renunciation prayers just in case one of your ancestors may have been involved. Those prayers can be found separately at the following link:

What to expect

How quickly does this process work?

Most people get “free” immediately when they go through this process. Once a spirit’s legal right is removed and you command it to leave, it has to leave.  But the key is repenting of the specific sin (or breaking the specific ungodly soul ties or curses) that give it a right to attack you. If you don’t get immediate freedom, it’s usually because something was missed – either a sin, ungodly soul tie, or curse. If that happens, just ask the Lord to help you uncover what it is, and usually within a week or two he’ll reveal it.

How long will you stay “healed” and free?

Once you are free, you’ll always be free – unless you unknowingly do something that lets the tormenting spirit back in. We see this most often with chronic issues such as pain. If you’ve suffered with a spirit of pain for a long time, once the spirit leaves the pain may return. If it does, it’s because you gave it a legal right to return, usually in the form of you having an identity of being in pain. For more details, and how to stay healed, watch our short video below:

If you need additional help…

If you have gone through this Freedom Prayer and still have demonic torments, your situation may be more deeply rooted. We recommend getting help from an experienced counselor who deals in this type of work, such as counselors at Above and Beyond Christian Counseling (


For the most effective results, or to learn how to use this guide on behalf of a loved one, please watch our training video on this page above:

This guide is divided into three action steps…

Step 1 is to make a list of all unrepented sins that may have given tormenting spirits access to you.  This is the most important part of the process, so do it thoroughly. Expect 1 to 5 hours to complete this step for most people.

Step 2 is to pray, repent of your sins, and command tormenting spirits that no longer have a legal right to leave. The specific prayers are listed in Step 2. We strongly recommend you also pray the Freemasonry renunciation prayers linked on the previous page.

Step 3 is a daily “maintenance” plan to keep you and your loved ones protected. It consists of morning and evening prayers to pray each day.

While it’s most effective for an individual to go through this process personally, because of spiritual rules of authority, if that is not possible you may be able to go through this process on behalf of a loved one. For example, a father or mother can do this process on behalf of a child, a husband can do it on behalf of his wife, and a wife can do it on behalf of her husband. To do it that way, complete all the answers on behalf of your loved one, then repent on behalf of that person. To learn more about the rule of “covering” and authority, watch our training video.

Before beginning Step 1 and making a list of unpresented sins, (1) pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you every sin and person you need to put on your lists.  (2) Then – and this is important – once you complete your list for each category, pray the following:  “Lord, I have now completed this list in full.  If there is anything or anyone else I need to include, bring it to my mind now” … then wait 2 or 3 minutes.  If something comes to mind, add it to your list. Then keep repeating this process again until the Lord brings nothing more to your mind.

Step 1 – list unrepented sins by category

#1 Sexual Sin

Sexual sin is any sexual act you do outside of marriage.

Action List:  make a list of everyone you have engaged in sexual activity with outside of marriage.  If you do not remember their name, simply write a brief description (ex. “the guy with the blue hat” or “the girl at the pool party.”).

#2 Unforgiveness

God has forgiven us for our sins against him, therefore we are commanded to forgive others for their sins against us.  Unforgiveness carries with it some of the greatest torment in most people’s lives.  Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion.  You choose to forgive someone who has hurt you.  Forgiveness does not require you to reconcile with that person or let that person back into your life.  Forgiveness is a one-way action that you do.  Forgiveness does not mean you agree with what that person did to you.  It simply means you remove your judgment against that person and release them from your heart.

Action List:  make a list of everyone who has hurt you, whether living or dead (include yourself if you have unforgiveness toward yourself), then list every hurt they did to you.

#3 Generational Curses

God declares in the Old Testament that he will “visit the iniquities of the father to the third and fourth generation.”  An iniquity is a type of sin that is very bad.  That sin is “lodged” in the person’s blood – that means when that person has children, since his children inherit his blood, they inherit his sin as well.  That sin, therefore, becomes your sin, and therefore your open door for tormenting spirits to attack you.  This is what is commonly known as a “generational curse.”  Generational curses can be seen in patterns – if you see a type of torment, sin, or abhorrent behavior coming down your ancestor lineage, you can almost guarantee there is a generational sin tied to you.  Examples may be abuse, addiction, adultery, divorce, anxiety, etc.  If someone in your ancestry has been involved in witchcraft, Free Masonry / Eastern Star, slavery, etc, those usually create generational curses.

Action List:  make a list of every type of torment, sin or abhorrent behavior you see in your ancestry.

#4 Occult

If you have ever had any involvement in occultic activity, you have likely opened the door to tormenting spirits.  Occultic activity are things such as:  Ouija board, séances, hypnosis, horoscope, new age, superstition, witchcraft, Santeria, palm reading, roots, martial arts religious teaching, new age healing, Freemasonry, Eastern Star, numerology, tarot cards, Dungeons and Dragons, divination, etc.  Another form of occultic activity is giving praise and honor to Satan.  For example, if you listen Satanic type music, sing along with the verses, watch horror type movies that honor and glorify evil, etc, all of these can be open doors to be tormented.

Action List:  make a list of (1) every type of occultic activity you have participated in… even if you only did it one time for just a minute or two, and (2) every person with whom you engaged in those activities (if you don’t remember their names, identify with a description such as “guy in the blue hat”)

#5 Word Curses

Word curses are words spoken over you that haunt you – such as “you’ll never amount to anything, you’ll always be an addict, you’ll never have a meaningful relationship,” etc.  These are things others have said about you that have either come true, or you fear they will come true.  Word curses can be things others spoke to you, or that you speak to yourself.  When you believe a word curse, you give agreement to it… and that gives a tormenting spirit the legal right to fulfill that agreement for you.

Action List:  make a list of every word curse spoken over you, and who spoke them to you.

#6 Covenants and Vows

Covenants and vows are commitments you make to others. If you break a covenant or vow, it may allow a spirit of torment into your life.

Action List:  make a list of all covenants/vows you have broken (ex: church membership, bankruptcy, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or private vows to God or other people).

#7 Idolatry

Idolatry is anything that comes between you and God.  It’s usually when you place something ahead of God as being more important.  For example, greed and covetousness are forms of idolatry. Or, if you are obsessive about your car to the point someone may say “that car is an idol to him,” then you may have made your car an idol.  Or, if you are obsessive about your child’s sport and it’s one of the most important things in your life, you may have made it an idol.

Action List:  make a list of all possible forms of idolatry you have committed at any time in your life (ex: spouse, home, job/position, money, greed, covetousness, children, etc). Ask the Lord to reveal to you what, if any, actions you have done in the past may be considered idolatry.

#8 Pride

Pride is anything you feel prideful and haughty about that you are better than others in that area.

Action List:  make a list of all things for which you are prideful (ex: do you feel you have a better marriage than others, a better ministry, a better profession, know more Bible than others).

#9 Abuse / Trauma

If you have suffered abuse, rape, abortion, car accident, or any other type of traumatic event that you have not included in previous items above, these can be open doors for torments.  For example, abuse can create both hurt (unforgiveness) and ungodly soul ties with that person.  Abortion (murder) can create ungodly soul ties between you and your aborted baby, the abortion doctor, and anyone else who pressured you to commit the abortion.  A car accident can create extreme fear, opening a doorway for a spirit of fear to enter and keep you afraid.

Action List:  make a list of (1) all abuse and trauma events, (2) any sinful emotions or responses occurring as a result of each event, and (3) the people directly involved (if applicable) with those events

#10 Addictions

If you struggle with addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, etc), these are also sins that, when committed, can allow tormenting spirits to incite the activity even further.

Action List:  make a list of (1) all addictions, (2) who taught you how to do that addiction (ex. taught you to smoke), (3) who you have ever bought supplies from (ex. who you get drugs from), and (4) who you have done those addictions with (ex. who you party with).  If you have suffered with addictions for a long time, your list may be extensive.  If you do not recall specific names, attempt to describe the individuals with a description (ex. “guy with the blue hat”).  If you don’t remember everyone, ask the Lord to bring to your remembrance those you need to remember to remove legal rights to the tormenting spirits.

#11 Unconfessed Sins

An unconfessed sin is any sin you haven’t confessed to.

Action list:  make a list any “secret” or unconfessed sins that has not been listed above


Mark additional sins and activities

While many people commit some of these sins or activities listed below at some point in their life, the purpose of this list is to identify those things you do that are consistently present in your life.  Anytime a sin or activity is consistently present, it may be an indication a tormenting spirit is involved.  Action:  mark each item you consistently struggle with because it is a strong urge in your life.  (list is © Above and Beyond Christian Counseling)


HAUGHTY Prov. 16:18










Self-righteousness Embarrassment/Humiliation


Boastful 1 Pet 5:5




DEAF & DUMB Mk. 9:25

Mental Illness/Insanity Matt. 17:15

Double Mindedness

Seizures/Epilepsy Mat 9:20

Mind binding

Stupor Rom 11:8














Despair/Hopelessness Isa. 61:3






Depression/Manic Depression



FEAR 2 Tim. 1:7




Fear of Death



Fear of Authority/Speaking

Fear of Being Abused

Terror/Torment/Horror Psa 55:5


Panic Attacks

Phobias (____________________)

Nervousness/ Hyperactivity/Unrest



Little girl/boy personality spirits


JEALOUSY Num 5:14,30















LYING II Chr. 18:22, 1John 4:6


Hypocrisy Religious/Legalism/Tradition

Word Twisting


ANTI-CHRIST 1 John 4:3

Doubt & Unbelief





WHOREDOM Hos. 4:12









Prostitution Masturbation






Seducing Spirit I Tim 4:1

Fantasy Spirits


Sensual Thoughts




BONDAGE Rom 8:15

Hindering/Distraction Greed/Hoarding


Slavery Emotional Weakness

Addiction (_____________________) Other (________________________)

INFIRMITY Luke 13:11

Family illnesses _________________

Death Arthritis John 5:5

Asthma/Hay Fever/Allergies


Heart Disease

Circulatory / HBP



Other: _________________________

Pain __________________________


Step 2 – Freedom Prayer (pray out loud)

Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, and I thank you for dying on the cross for me.  I accept your covering of my sins with your blood, and I claim my freedom from curse and torment that you have promised.

I choose to forgive others — everyone who has hurt me, lied to me, or disappointed me, I forgive. I repent of unforgiveness; I know it is sin. I put it under the blood of Jesus. I repent of anger, bitterness, hatred, rebellion, resentment and revenge, envy, jealousy and strife, lust, witchcraft, idolatry, and all the works of the flesh. I put it all under the blood of Jesus, and by doing so I break Satan’s power and legal rights to my life. I repent of the sins in my blood that I inherited through my mother and father, and I break the power of generational curses and word curses and deny permission of any demon spirit to my life. I repent of and denounce any contract either I made, or anyone else made that impacts my life, with Satan; since he is a liar no contract is binding. By your blood, Lord Jesus, I free myself from any pact with the devil. I renounce all unholy oaths, vows, pledges, and ceremonies. I confess as sin and renounce and break all unholy soul ties.

And I repent of the following sins and lay them all under your blood…

  1. Sexual Sin – I repent of my sexual sins with the following people, and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties both with them and their sexual partners: (name each person on the Sexual Sin list), and all other sexual partners I may not recall.
  1. Unforgiveness – I repent of my unforgiveness towards certain people who have hurt me. I choose now to forgive, release all judgments towards, and renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with, the following people: (name each person on the Unforgiveness list). 
  1. Generational Curses – I repent of the sins in my blood that I inherited from my mother and father, and I place those sins under your blood. I repent specifically for the sins of (name each sin on the Generational Curses list), and I cancel the assignment of every spirit upon me from all generational sins and declare you have no hold over me.
  1. Occult – I repent of and renounce all activity I have engaged in with the demonic realm and all occultic activities, including (name each activity on the Occult list) and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with those with whom I committed those sins, including (name each person with who you did the Occult list activity). [Important: also pray through the Freemasonry renunciation prayers found at]
  1. Word Curses – I repent of believing word curses spoken over me, and I renounce and break their power over me, and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with those who spoke those curses about me, including the following word curses and people (name each word curse, and who spoke them over you, on the Word Curses list). I also break any unknown curses and those I have spoken over myself. I cancel the assignment of every spirit upon me from these curses and declare that you have no hold over me any further.
  1. Covenants and Vows – I repent of breaking certain covenants and vows I have made, including (name each broken covenant/vow on the Covenants and Vows list).
  1. Idolatry – I repent of all idolatry and placing things in my life ahead of you, including, but not limited to, (name each item on the Idolatry list).
  1. Pride – I repent of my sin of pride, and especially pride of (name each item on the Pride list). I also repent that I have been prideful about my accomplishments and not giving you the glory.
  1. Abuse / Trauma – I have encountered certain abusive and traumatic experiences, and I repent of my sinful responses to them, and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with those involved, including the following: (name each abuse / trauma event, your sinful emotion or response, and individuals involved from the Abuse / Trauma list).
  1. Addictions – I repent of my sin in doing the following addictions, and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with those I did the activities with, including but not limited to (name each addiction and individuals you did them with from the Addictions list).
  1. Unconfessed sin – I repent of the following sins (name each sin from the Unconfessed Sins list).
  1. Additional Sins and Activities – I repent of all sins, emotions, and activities I have done and continue to do that are contrary to you, including (name each item marked on the Additional Sins / Activities List – except items on the Infirmity list in the shaded area), and I renounce and break all ungodly soul ties with each person involved with me that either triggered those responses or with whom I did those activities.

And now, in Jesus’ name, I command every contrary spirit who no longer has a legal right to me to leave immediately.  I declare you have no further right to torment me, and I command you to go now, in Jesus’s name, and go where Jesus tells you to go. 

  • Instructions for this next section:  next, bind each Strongman spirit in the “Additional Sins / Activities List” page (Strongman spirits are the headings listed in capitalized BOLD Underlined).  Bind them and their kingdom (the junior spirits you marked as being strong, consistent issues in your life), then command them out.  Example:  “I bind the Strongman spirit of FEAR, and I bind all your kingdom to you as one, including timidity, worry, and panic attacks.  And now, I declare you have no legal right to remain, and in Jesus’s name I command you out right now – get out, and never return!”

I bind the strongman spirit of (name Strongman spirit from Additional Sins and Activities List), and I bind all of your kingdom to you as one, including (name junior spirits under Strongman spirit from Additional Sins and Activities List).  And now, I declare you have no legal right to remain, and in Jesus’s name I command you and all your kingdom out right now – get out, and never return!   (repeat for every Strongman spirit in your list)

I also speak to every spirit of infirmity, and I command you to go as well, and take all your roots with you – remove all my sickness.  _______ (name each infirmity, individually, on the Infirmity list in RED above), go! (ex: “back pain, go!”)  (repeat for each infirmity).

And, in Jesus’s name, I bind any evil spirits associated with any and all curses, pacts, spells, seals, hexes, vexes, triggers, trances, vows, demonic blessings, or any other demonic bondages sent against me or my family. I bind all evil spirits separately and individually and break all seals.

And Lord Jesus, I ask that you enforce my freedom from curse for which you shed your blood and have promised me, and that you remove all contrary spirits from my life right now.  I believe you will, and I thank you for doing so.  Amen!

Step 3 – Daily maintenance prayers to remain free

Morning Prayer

Heavenly father, I come to you this day in the name of Jesus and ask to be forgiven of anything I might have done or said that would displease you in any way. I repent of my sin and desire to walk in holiness. Cover me now with the blood of Jesus and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Cause me, today, to be a living sacrifice who no longer conforms to the pattern of this world, but help me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I am a new creation in Christ. Therefore, I have the mind of Christ, and the wisdom of God is formed within me. I let no corrupt communication proceed out of my mouth, but only that which is good to bring life to the hearer. By the power of the Holy Spirit I take every thought captive this day, according to your word, and make it obedient to Christ. I declare that no weapon of the enemy formed against me will prosper, for greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world.

Heavenly father, I lift up in prayer today (names of family members / those on your heart). I ask you to separate us from all unclean and profane people and things, and that each of us — spirit, soul, and body — may be preserved sound and complete, and found blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you that all generational curses are broken in Jesus’s name. I declare that my entire family will be saved and that they will perform your call upon their lives. Cover each one of us with the blood of Jesus, and I dispatch now, by your grace, mighty warring angels to surround us and keep us safe while walking in your perfect will for us this day.

For each person I have mentioned, I now break every curse put upon us. By the authority of Jesus Christ I break any curse by a witch, warlock, Satanist, roots curse, Indian curse, Voodoo curse, the curse of words spoken, anything written or texted, or any curse associated with an object. I break every ungodly soul tie connected to any one of us, and thank you, Lord, for bringing people into our lives you want there, and moving those out that you do not.

In the name of Jesus, and through the power of his living blood, I bind and sever every cord of every demonic spirit over my (home / apartment / business). I plead the blood of Jesus around each property line, above the roof, and below the foundation, and I bind every demonic spirit, from crossing that bloodline. And for every demonic spirit I render you inactive, cut off from your communication, confuse your camp, and cast you out in the authority, and by the blood, of Jesus Christ.

For each person I have just referred to, I bind in the name of Jesus every demonic stronghold — (name them as the Lord leads you in as you discern them) — at work in our lives. I bind every named and unnamed spirit under each of these strong men with the blood of Jesus. I command that they will not be active in anyone of our lives this day in Jesus’s mighty name. I command every spirit of theft to be exposed this day and command, by the word of God, sevenfold restoration of time, health, finances, and relationships. I now loose the Holy Spirit in each person’s life to do what he wants to accomplish.

Heavenly father, I thank you that we will be a people recognizable by your fruit in our lives and that, by your Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control will be released fully in our lives. I speak forth blessings of prosperity, favor, honesty, power, love, and a sound mind.

I thank you, father, that you have chosen us and when we see you face to face, you will say, “well done, good and faithful servant, come in!” Thank you for all of this, in Jesus’s mighty name!

Evening Prayer

Heavenly father, thank you for this day, and I ask you to forgive me if anything I may have done or said that displeased to you in any way. I repent of my sins, and I ask that you help me do better tomorrow. I forgive those who have wronged me, release judgments against them, and break every ungodly soul tie that I formed today. Thank you that you remember my sins no more, and that your mercies are new every day!

I plead the blood of Jesus around the property line of our (home / apartment), above the roof and below the foundation, over every door frame, window, floor, door, and wall. I pray the blood of Jesus over every pillow where a head is laid to sleep tonight.

I plead the blood of Jesus over the streets adjacent to our home and over all our vehicles. I ask that you dispatched mighty warring angels to stand guard around our home, and fill our home with your Holy Spirit and hold back every demonic force.

I break every curse of words that may have been spoken over us this day, and I break any curse we may have spoken over others. In the name of Jesus, I command every spirit associated with these curses to be bound and dispatched to dry, uninhabited places, and never return to us.

I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you send your ministering angels to watch over us as we sleep. Thank you now for your dreams, and cause us to remember those important things in the morning.

Thank you, Lord, for hiding us in the shadow of your wings this night and causing us to realize how great is the love you lavish upon us, that we may be called the children of God.


If you have children or family members who are not home when you go to sleep….

I pray a Jesus Christ bloodline around (names) and any vehicle they may be traveling in. By the grace of God, I dispatched mighty warring angels to surround them and bring them home safely this night without incident, in the name of Jesus.