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Thursday, Aug 25, 8:00pm CST
Thursday, Sep 15, 8:00pm CST
Thursday, Sep 29, 8:00pm CST

Misc Topics

Spiritual Warfare – getting free of torments, addictions, and constant life failures

What is spiritual warfare and how do you recognize it in your life?  It’s not what most people think.  Spiritual warfare shows itself in various ways in your life, and always in ways that it torments you, frustrates your plans, and causes all kinds of havoc in your life — a life of constant sickness, set-backs, broken relationships, addictions, and more.  This is an in-depth study that walks you through what it is, how to recognize it, and most importantly how to combat it and WIN.

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Faith Like Jesus

What exactly is “faith” and how do you walk in it? Is it just something you believe, such as “faith for salvation,” or is it something much more… something you “live” daily in your life? Faith is a powerful, supernatural part of the Christian life that taps into the power of God. The Lord created it, gives it to us, and Jesus rebuked his disciples when they didn’t walk in it.  This multi-part series that takes a deep, eye-opening Biblical dive into what scriptures say about faith and how to apply it in your life.

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How to hear God speak to you

For some people, when they pray and ask God for help or direction, the hear “nothing.” Others feel a nudge on their heart that points them in a direction they feel they should go. But for others, they actually hear God speak to them … some clearly enough to take dictation.  If you have ever wished you could hear God clearly … that he would actually speak to you so clearly it was unmistakable … you’ll love this teaching session.

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