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About this site … a personal message from Beatty Carmichael

Hi and welcome to my website, Get Radical Faith. I’m a Christian business owner. I like to think of myself as a full-time minister secretly disguised as a business owner. After all, I believe that’s what all followers of the Lord Jesus ought to be: full-time ministers secretly disguised as “whatever they happen to do in life.”

Over the years I’ve gone through many struggles that forced me to try to understand what faith is all about. I realized the key to making it through those struggles was living by faith and not by fear. And over the years the Lord has shown me a lot about what faith really is… and isn’t. And as I have learned it I’m able to more diligently live and walk in faith upon his word alone. I’m by no means perfect at it, but I have certainly seen the evidence of successfully applying it in my life.

The Lord has also blessed me with a special ability to grasp difficult concepts, simplify them, and then be able to teach them to others in a way they can grasp and apply them themselves. And that’s how this website came about.

Years ago the Lord led me to create a Bible teaching series called Radical Faith. It’s the essence of what I had learned about what faith is, what it looks like, and how to apply it in one’s life. Since then he’s expanded my understanding on living in faith even more and has given me opportunities to teach it to more people.

This website, Get Radical Faith, and its sister podcast channel, is devoted to teaching what I’ve learned about faith and how to apply it in your life. And only when you live by faith can you truly receive God’s highest and best for your life and do the work he created beforehand for you to walk in.

I hope you get as much out of this content as I’ve gotten out of learning it first-hand.

Be blessed!

About the Author – Beatty Carmichael

Beatty is a Christian businessman and consumer marketing expert. He started his marketing services business in 1997. In 2012 he shifted his focus to work exclusively with real estate agents, helping them increase sales and referrals from past clients & sphere of influence, and geographic farming. Learn more about his business services and training at